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still under active development since spring 2000 #

This website was started as a digital playground for web technologies in the early new millennium. The previous version of this web site has been online for around 15 years and was based on a self written content management system, written in Perl and optimized for connections with 8KiB/sec downstream.

The site always hosted self written software, tutorials and a lot of personal stuff. But most importantly it used to be the central point where all my stuff was linked together in a way and I will try to get to this point again after so many years.

Also one of my core principals with this site is, that I hate unnecessary introductions and redundancy. I am pretty sure, that whoever visits this site knows what they are looking for and I will try to deliver just that.

Thank you so much for being here. Enjoy your visit!

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February 1, 2022

In the early 90ies I used ansi.sys under DOS to get a colored prompt. With that it got much easier to spot where the last command was executed. Ten years later I switched to Linux and hardly missed that. The configuration of PS1 was one of the first more advanced configurations I ever did and I reworked my prompt every now and then and made it better every time. This version is a slightly modified version of it, which I was using for the last five years. ...