With rclone file systems can be copied from [local]host to [local]host. In a way it is comparable to rsync, but it works multi-threaded.

rclone is available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD and has modes to copy or copy and delete, called sync. It used to require a configuration file .config/rclone/rclone.conf, but can nowadays also work with command line arguments alone. That however has made the command line interface a little bit unintuitive to rsync users.

  • rclone is configured using rclone config or manually via the previously meantioned file.

  • rclone can transfer files via SSH

  • rclone tries to copy symlinks as files by default when using SFTP and the --skip-links command line switch does not prevent that from happening, because there is additionally --sftp-skip-links for the SFTP protocol alone and that has to be there to ignore symlinks and other special files according to the manual page. The advantage is, that this option can also be specified in the config file. Again a little confusing and inconsistent is, that it must be called skip-links there.