The base16 for virtual terminals repository can be used with any base16-builder to create base16 color schemes compatible with setvtrgb, but a static version is always kept up to date in the repository in the consolecolors folder and ready be used or tried.

The color schemes can be applied during the early boot stage and there is a initcpio hook for Arch Linux available in the AUR Package. With it the encryption password can be entered with the color scheme already applied:



From a linux terminal (Ctrl + Alt + [F1..F12])

setvtrgb vtrgb/base16-tomorrow


I think that /usr/share/kbd/consolecolors would be a good path name to install color schemes for the virtual terminal into, because setvtrgb comes from the kbd package and the package already has other console* folders there.

I have also prepared an initcpio hook for Arch Linux under initcpio/. The hook uses /etc/vtrgb as its configuration file and this file can also be a symlink to a color scheme from the before mentioned folder. I have successfully tried the hook as first hook in my /etc/mkinicpio.conf. The name /etc/vtrgb I have chosen, because I found that file to be part of modern Ubuntu installations and it contains color scheme information there as well. By doing that I hope that my packages will be compatible across distributions, but we will see.

Installation of the AUR package

Under Arch Linux it is exceptionally easy to use console colors. The installation could be as simple as:

yay -S base16-vtrgb
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/kbd/consolecolors/base16-papercolor-light.vga /etc/vtrgb

Add the setvtrgb,consolefont as HOOKS in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and recreate your initramfs with:

vim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

HOOKS=(setvtrgb consolefont base udev modconf block keyboard zfs filesystems)

mkinitcpio -plinux

Issues or Contributions

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