More like a blog this section is and as chaotic like the software section and the rest of my professional life :)

March 14, 2021
Xfce/Thunar contribution

This is no spectacular change, but it is really awesome how easy it is to contribute to the Xfce project thanks to its maintainers like Alexander Schwinn. Thank you! This really encourages further involvement.

March 7, 2021

I was looking for a way to use FreeBSD as router OS in my home. Its purpose was to route OpenVPN traffic from and to my network, so that an individual host configuration becomes unnecessary. My first setup was based on a raspberry pi and that works good enough and is so simple, that it can easily be fixed if something breaks. I further improved the setup and installed a local DNS recursor in order to get DNS under my control. ...

February 7, 2021
Raspberry infrared camera drill template

This camera is available online and gets seriously warm when turned on. Also it is hard to mount in this form. Or short: A case is necessary and here is the drill template for it (in SVG-Format) openscad file svg file glabels file And the result is good enough:

December 1, 2020
Smart home

I have never found it noteworthy that I have installed LED strips behind my main monitors, because it used to be too dark there and was hurting my eyes. For many years I had a crude LED-strip in a cable tie construction, not very nice from a construction point of view, but as durable as such temporary solutions always get. I have now upgraded the setup and for anybody interested in how my desktop looks like today, here it is: ...

July 7, 2020
Vim contribution

I am confident to speak for others as well when I thank Bram Moolenaar for accepting my pull request so quickly. I am really impressed, that you really did that by yourself. I was not expecting that, because its unusual to be recognized by rock stars when participating in their concerts. However I realized, that what this means to me could potentially be something I could give to others as well. ...

April 7, 2020
And still...

Some time ago my blog software broke and I could not help but did not feel like fixing it. That was now the situation for almost one year and until today and it was never supposed to take that long, nor does it mean that I will quit with anything. I am still here, I still work on my projects and below you find a picture of my latest project, which I will eventually release as an open source project. ...

March 17, 2018
In system program the UEFI BIOS

Apart from looking so crude: This device actually worked! I was able to re-flash the UEFI BIOS directly on the motherboard and the computer starts again! More important is though, that after that worked, there is no reason to NOT further play around with the BIOS anymore. Watch out for news or try it on your own. An interesting low-level world has forgotten to lock its gate ;) The whole story: I faced a serious issue with my computer the other day, when it wasn't booting any more and stuck on the BIOS logo screen. ...

January 27, 2018
solder fume extracting lamp

Upcycling of an old and defective ATX power supply by using its case, because that already has a hole and a huge fan and a carbon filter can easily be placed inside… At least one switch is required to turn the fan on and off. That is if you ever like to enjoy light and silence altogether ;) Required Parts microphone arm carbon filter perforated metal sheet aluminium u-channel 12V power plug adapter panel mount charger jack socket LED stripe double sided tape switch copper wire Required tools handsaw with a metal cutting sheet aluminium frame around the case to hold the led stripe, fixed with double sided tape perforated metal sheet to keep the carbon filter from falling into the FAN hand drill holes for switches and connectors