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October 6, 2014
Frankfurt: Willy-Brand-Platz

“little planet”-image of the european central bank in Frankfurt, Germany. It is unfortunate, that I had to take the photo free handed, because I had no tripod with me. But the result is still decent, I think.

August 7, 2014
Hackerspace Bielefeld in 3D

Gerade bin ich dabei ein 3D-Modell von diesem etwas schrägen Gebäude herzustellen. Vielleicht demnächst als Level für einen Egoshooter oder zum Planen der Inneneinrichtung. Jedenfalls sieht es schonmal ganz cool aus und schmückt das Wiki vom HSB.

March 17, 2014
Solder fume extractor version 2.0

A 3D printer can sometimes be a substitute for a milling machine. That is now the second version, the first you see in the background. Material Aktivkohlefilter (130x130mm) 120mm Gehäuselüfter - Netzteil (12V) Gehäuse aus PLA

October 2, 2013
Windows 8 license allows surveillance

An important but yet often unnoticed paragraph in the Microsoft license of Windows 8: It is necessary to grant Microsoft access to personal data in order to install it. Some of these ‘features’ can be deactivated later on, but that does not make it any better for me.