know your caches

It is somehow alerting how much information can be found in a cache folder. I will try to create a list of all caches I could find. This document stays work in progress, of cause.

But consider how important this is. The caches may contain personal data, such as:

  • email addresses from your mail program
  • telephone numbers if you synchronize contacts with your mobile phone
  • photos either from your phone, skype, facebook and where ever they were shown
  • which music you have on your computer, because media players automatically download cover arts and store them on your disk (also the download could be tracked, of cause)
  • passwords, because some applications even cache passwords :/
  • all your personal photos and every movie you have got on your disk, because many image viewers and filemanagers will create thumbnails for them.
  • visited websites can be found in your browser caches.

Browser Caches #


Remote desktop caches #


IMs #


thumbnails #

these locations seem to be compatible (having subfolders fail, large and normal)

Make caches be a temporary place #

This will slow down your computer in some cases, but it is probably worth it.