More like a blog this section is and as chaotic like the software section and the rest of my professional life :)

December 7, 2016

Now that the dark season of the year is coming, I felt the need for a better lighting concept in my room. The blue light is meant to remind me on how the blue summer sky looks alike. I liked the blue energy saving lamps even better than its LED counterparts, because they deliver cooler light. The construction of the lamp is kept as simple as possible. An IKEA PRÖJS desk pad forms the lamps body and acts as diffuser. ...

August 29, 2016
The new Server is doing a good job

Not only does it serve virtually 'everything' much faster, but is also highly configurable and therefor tweakable. I am really satisfied with the result. Besides from that I have also set up a system monitor and log file analyzer, which I haven't had for a while. But in order to deliver relevant content the importance of such tools should never be underestimated. I also have moved my voice mailbox from an old raspberry pi b+ to this server. ...

June 30, 2016
Migration sucessfull

I have moved my infrastructure to my own virtual server and now have a central point to administrate everything. Thanks to FreeBSD and it's jails I was able to separate services, which are known to have security issues regularly. Also I have already operated that server for two years and fine tuned many things, like firewall rules and kernel parameters. I am now pretty happy with the result. Among many other advantages which I gained by doing so, I have also improved the accessibility for my visitors: My sites are available over IPv6 and HTTPS, which tended to be too expensive on my previously used shared webspace. ...

December 3, 2015

qspacestatus is a program to display the status (open/closed) of your hackerspace in the notification area. Source code and binaries for Linux and Windows are available for download, packages for different distributions will follow.

November 12, 2015
qjackctl: new logo

My logo made it into the official build :) I created it, because the old icon had only 32x32 pixels and looked ugly when scaled up. However I liked it and tried to keep mine close to the original. see: