And still...

And still...

April 7, 2020

Some time ago my blog software broke and I could not help but did not feel like fixing it. That was now the situation for almost one year and until today and it was never supposed to take that long, nor does it mean that I will quit with anything. I am still here, I still work on my projects and below you find a picture of my latest project, which I will eventually release as an open source project.

I am currently building a new display for a 5.25"

<img src="IMG_20200430_225948-small.jpg" alt="" /><br>
That I find not too bad for a self build unit and without power tools
(because these would be too loud in my flat). In the background you see
a twenty year old industrial unit from which I took a lot of
inspiration. I wanted to replace it, because it uses a serial interface
and my new build has WiFi