solder fume extracting lamp

solder fume extracting lamp

Upcycling of an old and defective ATX power supply by using its case, because that already has a hole and a huge fan and a carbon filter can easily be placed inside…

lamp + solder fume extractor from beneath lamp + solder fume extractor from away lamp + solder fume extractor from top

At least one switch is required to turn the fan on and off. That is if you ever like to enjoy light and silence altogether ;)

Required Parts

  1. microphone arm
  2. carbon filter
  3. perforated metal sheet
  4. aluminium u-channel
  5. 12V power plug adapter
  6. panel mount charger jack socket
  7. LED stripe
  8. double sided tape
  9. switch
  10. copper wire

Required tools

handsaw with a metal cutting sheet
aluminium frame around the case to hold the led stripe, fixed with double sided tape
perforated metal sheet to keep the carbon filter from falling into the FAN
hand drill
holes for switches and connectors