Smart home

Smart home

I have never found it noteworthy that I have installed LED strips behind my main monitors, because it used to be too dark there and was hurting my eyes. For many years I had a crude LED-strip in a cable tie construction, not very nice from a construction point of view, but as durable as such temporary solutions always get. I have now upgraded the setup and for anybody interested in how my desktop looks like today, here it is:

My desktop in 2020

The wall behind the monitors gets lid by 144 LEDs RGBW LEDs and I have built a battery driven device to put them in an alert mode when something is moving:

IoT motion sensor

The setup behind the monitor I will also show, but I should probably provide more background information at some point, because everything is in black boxes and I would love to show you the insides as well. However I have not made photographs yet, so that will take further time.

monitor backlight